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Kimberlee Rocca
My attraction to metallic surfaces and materials ultimately comes from my need for a connection to the earth and raw materials. I am particularly drawn to the way metal reflects light and can be manipulated and transformed. Through careful selection of bold colors, simple shapes and lines, and delicate details, I work to create images that are organic yet refined, delicate yet striking.

Reflective surfaces tell a story within a story. They have a depth and character that can reveal itself in new ways over the course of the day--much like watching a campfire, sunset, or a reflection on the surface of the water.

In my work circles and spheres can represent people, choices, God, power, influence, or protection. At other times these shapes can represent chaos, pressure, and boundaries. Boxes and squares become windows, doors, stairways, or obstacles and walls. Energetic lines often signify connection, communication, protection, strength, or confusion and turmoil.

Whether I am working with paint, metal, paper or mosaic the ever present theme in my work is one of spiritual journey, personal narratives, transformation, rebirth, and connectivity.  We are all touched by things, people, and events in our lives and they in turn tell our story.

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