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About Kimberlee Rocca

A thankful heart produces an abundance of joy

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For as long as I can remember I have loved puzzles, mosaics, collage, and pieces of every shape, color, size and material. Over the years I have refined my love of pieces into a passion for assembling to create works that challenge, reconnect and bring joy to the human spirit.

The ever present themes in my work are spiritual journeys and personal narratives.

There are many important ways that we touch and affect each other each day. Each work I create has an individual and collective meaning, similar to the way our individual pieces of life come together to create a more significant whole. No matter how tiny, each work and each person has a story to tell.

My main body of work focuses on a unique printmaking process called Foil Imaging. I manipulate and apply foils to metal or paper with a careful selection of bold colors, simple shapes, and delicate details in my abstract works. In my work circles and spheres can represent people, choices, God, power, influence, or protection. At other times these same shapes can represent chaos, pressure, and boundaries. Boxes and squares may represent our obstacles and walls or become windows, doors, and stairways.  Energetic lines often signify connection, communication, protection, strength, or confusion and turmoil. The interpretations are limitless in my works, this is part of what I love about abstraction.

But Foil Imaging work does not permit me the hands on color mixing and manipulation that paints and mixed media offers, nor the large scale size of work that I enjoy. In order to enhance my foil works and continue to expand my artistic vocabulary I spend additional hours making large and small scale free motions with paints, pastels, pencils and oil crayons. Painting is something I do because I love the way the colors work and blend together allowing me to create new marks and techniques that I am able to then incorporate into my smaller scale foil works. I simply revel in the outward physical expression of the techniques.

I currently reside in Solon, Iowa with my husband and 4 children where I continuously create.  In addition to my many Foil Imaging pieces, I also design and build custom homes.  Everything in my life is about furthering artistic connectivity of unique places, people, and stories, with a focus on reaching out in the most colorful way possible.